Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So what does a farmgirl do?

A typical day here at the farm.....

My morning starts out letting the girls out of the coop and feeding them, then moving on to the barn.... (we free range them and collect the eggs for us and for friends)

The goats are all anxiously waiting for feed and to be milked. (I make cheese, ice cream, cajeta(caramel sauce) and fudge)

Along the way I have to watch for these guys...(these ducks are great because the are mouse catchers and excess feed eaters and they don't quack like other ducks)

Then there are the sheep that need feeding and some scratching on their backs and bellies. ( We raise wool sheep and my sister and I spin the wool into yarn and sell our fiber, yarn and finished goods)

Then there are angora rabbits to feed and water and brush.(We spin their wool also)

There are peaches to pick (among all the other crops)

There is jam to make. (This is strawberry)


Then I water gardens and crop areas, I tend to the bees, and lots of other things. Once the night arrives and the animals head to bed, I have time to go into the studio and create. That's when I go "ahhhhhhh". Life is good and I'm living the dream.

These are some of our guineas. Such a sweet picture.

Thanks for looking at a day in the life of this farmgirl.

Have a fabulous day!!



Friday, July 1, 2011

Fresh Start....starting now...

How does it happen? You start a new blog and then you get busy with life and reading other folks blogs but you never seem to get back to your blog? Hmmmmm.......

So I draw the line now and start fresh.....




I have been creating all kinds of new fashions..upcycled, recycled, whatever you want to call it. I go to GoodWill, Salvation Army, local thrift stores, habitat for humanity, garage sales, estate sales, etc.., and I buy gently used clothes and pillow cases, tableclothes, doilies, dresser scarves, lace, etc.., Over time I have collected quite a collection. I've finally decided it's time to start using these items and making things. So I will start presenting them here and then start offering them for sale in my etsy store and on my website.

Here are the first necklaces that I created:


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Sweetness

When I was a kid we used to have these little houses that my mom would put on our TV.. They went there every year. And I remember that I used to imagine the little folks who lived in there and what kind of furniture they must use and what kind of tiny Santa visited them. Of course now I know that these tiny houses were made in Japan and seem to be a collectible now. And you know what? I still have those..and guess where they go. RIGHT! On MY TV. Some things are just good the way we remember them.

Anyhow, I decided 6 years ago to start making little houses like those. Mine are a bit bigger and I put mine on small boxes. Seems now like they are everywhere. You can find them in stores and craft stores carry kits. But I still have mine and still enjoy cutting out the base that I draw with grpah paper, then put the house together and add the roof and then coat it all in gesso so they are a sturdy and then I paint and add details. I also use an antique mica that I bought from Germany just to give them a vintage feel. I am going to try selling these again this year.

I also make this shadow box tree that is just so cute.

It is painted in shades of pinks and greens and has lots of new and vintage goodies in each of it's little cubbies. I'm making another one now in a Paris theme. Eiffel towers, poodles and lots of fru fru. Yeah!

All these things will be at our website at some point tomorrow. http://www.bountifulacresfarm.com/

(formerly http://bountifulacres.webs.com/)

Have a most fabulous day!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can it be December?

It's amazing how fast this year has zipped right on by! WOW!!!! I am at a loss for words that it is already this late in 2010. Remember when you were a kid and you thought about what life would be like when you were...in your late 40's? EEK!!! I couldn't imagine the 40's!! LOL Anyhow...this isn't what I thought it would be like, but I wouldn't change it if I had a redo. It's tough and wonderful, bitter and sweet and all that I could've imagined and nothing I ever thought all that the same time! Wow...2010...almost gone.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Caught a fairy.....

Can you tell that there's a fairy there? The picture quality sure isn't great. She is less the 3 inches tall. She was flying around the deck last night and I had the wire spring..so when she wasn't looking a put the spring around her...and got her!!! Ok...just kidding. (like you didn't know right?)
I made her body out of polymer clay, then dressed her in tulle and some fiber bits, added some wool for her hair and added beads to her skirt. She has wings made out of leaf beads. I made the wire spring and painted it pink. She was fun to make but sure tested my eye sight! LOL

Bags and Birdcages

While we have been busy putting our farm back together since the flood I have taken some time for some new art.

My dear husband has some old jeans in a pile, so I took some and created this bag. It looked kind of boring until I painted on some flowers and swirls. I love the way it turned out.

I made this birdcage out of clay and then painted it. I love the quilt on the swing. It's clay also but I thought it turned out great.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New beginnings

Greetings! Welcome to my new blog.

My goal is to share the art that I create after I'm through with my daily farm chores. I have a great life as I get to live my dream. By day I take care of our farm and farm animals. We currently have Shetland sheep, LaMancha dairy goats, Nubian dairy goats, a Jersey/Holstein cow, geese, chickens, ducks, guineas and turkeys. Very soon we'll also be adding some angora rabbits. I can't wait to meet them! Then by night (or rainy days)I enter the world of art! YEA! I have a studio on our farm that is my home away from home..or my escape. I'll share pictures soon. I hope you enjoy this journey along with me.